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The 12th Ningbo International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition The 12th Ningbo International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition
The 12th Ningbo International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition
The 12th Ningbo International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition
The 12th Ningbo International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition
Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center,Ningbo,China

[Guidance/Support] Ningbo Economic and Information Commission Ningbo City Federation of Industry and Commerce [Organizer/Unit] Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association Zhejiang Rubber Industry Association Ningbo Plastics Industry Association Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association Ningbo Rubber Chamber of Commerce Wenzhou Rubber Chamber of Commerce Ningbo Thermoplastic Elastomers Chamber of Commerce [Support/Unit] China Plastics Association Engineering Plastics Committee Taizhou Plastics Industry Association Guangdong Plastics Industry Association Shanghai Plastics Industry Association Shenzhen Polymer Association Ningbo Magnetic Materials Chamber of Commerce Ningbo Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce Ningbo Electrician Electrical Industry Association [Organizer] Jihua Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 【Exhibition Address】 Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 181, Huizhan Road, Ningbo) 【Exhibition Time】May 18-20, 2020 Why choose CHINAPLASEXPO 2020 Leading the industry Introducing more international leading companies through ChinaPlasExpo global network is an excellent choice for upstream and downstream enterprises in the rubber and plastics industry to expand their markets. To the professional audience of 30,000+ people at home and abroad, 10,000+ person-time international strength buyers show cutting-edge products and technologies. Internet + deep tapping plate potential Open the line, offline channel; support the convenient "WeChat public number navigation" system and "show official website browsing platform" to form the exhibition line Initial cognition, on-site exchanges and discussions during the exhibition, and continued follow-up to lock customers after the show. Set up a special area "new materials" zone, expand the industry chain, promote industry progress, and further promote the healthy development of environmentally friendly high-tech materials. Create a high-end supply chain for the rubber and plastics industry ChinaplasExpo will set up a theme week to create a multi-social platform that will bring together industry leaders. During the same period of exciting meetings and events, the industry leader at home and abroad, sharing the foreword with the rubber and plastic coffee. [Ningbo Plastics Market Advantage] Ningbo - "China's plastic machine capital", "China's plastic capital", "China's mold capital", "China's automotive rubber parts industry base", "one of the country's three major home appliance production bases", "China wire and cable "Hometown", "China Brand Capital", "China Stationery Capital", "China Lighter Capital", "China Hairdressing Equipment Industry Manufacturing Base", "China Water Meter Capital", "China Plumbing Equipment Town", " China's lighting manufacturing base, "one of China's major electromechanical production bases", "communication industry manufacturing base", "instrumentation industry base", "the world's largest LCD TV industry base", while Ningbo is also China's general machinery, shipbuilding, Electromechanical components, mobile phones, power equipment, power tools, hardware products and tools, petrochemicals, stainless steel products, plastic products, stationery, lighting appliances, fasteners, bearings, clothing, textile industry, an important production base. At that time, the Hangzhou Bay Volkswagen Zhejiang Production Base, Geely Automobile Production Base, Auto Parts Support Industrial Park, Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Park, Medical Device Industrial Park, and Rail Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Base are under construction and have a huge market demand. -The five major theme exhibition areas will build the 2020 Ningbo International Plastics and Plastics Industry Exhibition. Based on the strong industrial advantages of East China, the company will provide a comprehensive service for exhibitors and visitors with the service concept of “high quality service, more professional optimization and multi-directional publicity”. Trade platform with professional and reliable reference indicators; [Scope of participation] 1. Plastics: general plastics, engineering plastics, modified plastics, recycled plastics, plastic alloys, general plastic engineering modified products, plastic products, various engineering plastic molding materials, semi-finished products and finished products for electronics, home appliances, automobiles, Construction, aviation and aerospace products, etc.; 2. Chemical raw materials and additives: reinforcing materials, various fibers, masterbatch, resin, polyurethane, additives, adhesives, antioxidants, anti-fogging agents, antistatic agents, sealants, polymerization inhibitors, light stabilizers , coloring agent, coupling agent, flame retardant, molding agent, heat stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, anti-UV light stabilizer, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, etc.; 3. Plastic machinery: plastic packaging machinery, blow molding machine, film blowing machine, injection molding machine, mechanical arm (extraction machine), central feeding and auxiliary equipment, hollow molding machinery, extruder and extrusion production line, plastic machinery Spare parts, press equipment, foam, reaction/reinforced resin machinery, auxiliary design and production systems, measurement, control and test equipment, pre-processing, recycling machinery, etc.; 4, plastic rubber auxiliary equipment: single, twin-screw extruder, mixing machine, reciprocating mixer, granulator, underwater granulator, rotomolding machine, pulverizer, new molding process equipment, hollow Molding machine and mold, injection molding machine, press molding equipment, reaction injection molding equipment, dryer, grinding machine, metering feeding device, heater, mold loading and unloading, mold temperature controller and chiller, sensor, monitoring instrument, screw machine Tube, recycling equipment and systems, testing equipment and instruments; 5, rubber, elastomers and machinery: rubber machinery equipment, rubber raw materials, elastomers, rubber additives, tires and related products, non-tire rubber products, etc.; 6. Plastic packaging and film products: convex, concave, silk, transfer, hot, thermal transfer and slicing, slitting, laminating, sealing and cutting, bag making, tape, tape manufacturing, film and sheet, film forming and processing Machinery, film raw materials and chemical products; 7. Plastic and plastic recycling technology equipment: pelletizer, double-roller plasticizer, recycling operation line, cold-pressed powder pelletizer/powder compactor, screen changer/melt filter, crushing equipment (crusher) , crusher, shredder, blade type granulator), compounding production line, mixing machine, plastic particle sorting machine, sorting machine and dust removal system; [Contact Committee Contact Information] Jihua Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Address: 6F, Building B, Hengyao Plaza, Shen brick Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai Tel: 400-865-9288 Fax: +86-21-52270819 Official website:

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